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We've perfected the automotive detail. Choose from one of our great packages below or tailor your own for the perfect detail. We take pride in each and every vehicle that comes through our shop.


Exterior of the vehicle will be pampered with our foam decontamination removal for the  wheels and exhaust tips, then our six stage foam light hand car wash is performed followed by a decontamination removal service, better known as “clay bar treatment”. Once those steps have been performed, the vehicle will go through a pat down as we dry, safely using only the finest microfiber towels on the market. We then air blow all the cracks and crevices to ensure no water will drip down later. The door jams are cleaned extremely well to get all the grease and grime out. Moving into the interior, everything top-to-bottom gets detailed, from the headliner to the carpets to every nook and cranny in between. The interior is blown out with pressurized air so every crumb is knocked loose and sucked up. The interior goes through an extensive steam cleaning, which leaves your interior feeling factory fresh. Interior is also treated with a protectant to ensure it will stay clean longer and fight those harmful UV'’ and the sauna effect type heat when your car is parked in the sun during those busy workdays. Back on the exterior, the wheels will be waxed and tires will be shined. All windows are cleaned inside and out, then finally, the exterior paintwork is cleansed to ensure proper bonding between the wax and paintwork.  A carnauba or synthetic hand wax is applied to the surfaces. Your choice on waxes.

cars  $265

small SUV's  $285

SUV's, trucks, vans  $305


Includes everything from our Full Detail package + 1 stage of polishing which will remove 65% of the defects better known as Swirl Marks, Micro Marring, Holograms, Light Scratches.

cars  $365

small SUV's  $385

SUV's, trucks, vans  $405


Includes everything from Our Full Detail and Premium Detail + Additional polishing to remove 80% of defects better known as Swirl Marks, Micro Marring, Holograms, Light Scratching. + 1 layer of Super Hydrophobic Glass Coating to ensure your paint work stays nice, even in the dirtiest conditions. + Tire Shine coating which lasts much longer than conventional tire shine. + Engine detailing and protectant + 1 year warranty with the coating applied to paint surfaces.

cars  $500

small SUV's  $545

SUV's, trucks, vans  $590